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Comic book discussion, plus The Gutters (journal), The Legion Project (LSH v3), and Center Seat (Star Trek).

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Jan 2, 2019

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Tales of the Legion Project where we discuss Legion v3 adjacent material, such as The Legion of Substitute Heroes Special (1985).


(01:00) Intro and origin of the Tales podcast
(05:42) Legion of Substitute Heroes Special synopsis, general thoughts, and background info
(29:04) On the cover, costumes and designs
(38:27) Main discussion on Pulsar Stargrave, connections to older Subs stories, Matter-Eater Lad, and more
(1:07:20) Additional thoughts and highlights
(1:44:24) Brief thoughts on DC Comics Presents #59 featuring Superman, the Subs, and Ambush Bug
(2:00:11) Outro

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