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A comic book reviews and discussion podcast.

Also, The Gutters (audio journal), The Legion Project, & Center Seat (Star Trek).

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Dec 28, 2022

"A special flashback issue to Colossal Boy’s origin, the Science Police Academy, and Gigi’s musing over ‘the one that got away’."

(00:45) Preamble, plus quick thoughts on the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes animated movie and the New Golden Age one-shot
(20:49) Legion of Super-Heroes #39 synopsis,...

Oct 26, 2022

"In this conclusion to the four-part Superboy crossover, learn why Superboy is 'the greatest hero of them all'."

(00:45) Preamble, anniversary talk, and a new contest!
(10:11) Superman vs Superboy Part 3: Action Comics #591 synopsis and general thoughts
(23:44) Main discussion
(1:53:05) Who’s Who Update...

Sep 22, 2022

"The Legionnaires want to battle the Time Trapper but wind up as guests of Superboy in Smallville USA!"

(00:46) Preamble
(06:09) Part 1: Legion of Super-Heroes #37 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion
(32:07) Main discussion
(1:46:42) Who's Who Update '87 #1 entries: Atmos, Black Mace, and...

Sep 8, 2022

On this Tales of the Legion Project, Peter and I discuss our first Legion issues!

(00:14) Preamble
(21:33) Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #254 discussion
(51:48) Legion of Super-Heroes #304 discussion
(1:31:16) Listener first issues
(1:45:15) Wrap-up and outro

The Legion Project Forum:

Jul 30, 2022

Welcome to a special Tales of the Legion Project where we had a live Zoom chat with some wonderful conversation and guests:

The Legion Project Forum: