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Comic book discussion, plus The Gutters (journal), The Legion Project (LSH v3), and Center Seat (Star Trek).

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Jan 25, 2013

It's the first episode of 2013, so I, along with co-host Travis, discuss what we thought were the best choices in the following categories for comics published in 2012:

  • Reinvention (12:50)
  • Costume (19:20)
  • Mini (21:41)
  • Title per publisher (26:31)
  • Writer (59:33)
  • Artist (1:04:49)
  • Creative Team (1:08:33)

Join us soon for Part 2 of our romp through last year's comics. In the meantime, send your comments about Part 1 to or contact me in other ways by visiting the Feedback page.

Thanks for listening!